For fast and efficient handling of customer questions we use three different groups of in-house developed accelerators (tools):

  • Business accelerators
    These tools, are made available to our customers to improve their business processes. Amongst others we can deliver a very rigid and comprehensive Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
  • Knowledge accelerators
    These are tools used to store our knowledge for reuse. Use of these tools increases the speed of our own business processes and hence increases the speed of implementating customer projects.
  • Project accelerators
    This group of tools is used in our projects to process data from drawings, databases, spreadsheets, etc. in a fast and reproduceable way into a consistent and coherent final product.

For us it is of paramount importance that the information “trackable” and “traceable” is. It means that we can always show what the source of the information has been and how the information was processed.
Advantage of our accelerator tools is that a revised set of data can be easily processed again by using the same conversion criteria.