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Welcome at CURE Maintenance Consultants

To quickly find technical information, the availability and use of the right information within technical service departments will not only lead to a saver situation but also lead to lower maintenance costs and reduced downtimes. CURE Maintenance Consultants is specialist in improving data- and document management for maintenance departments. With our knowledge, experience and specially developed software tools we can in an effective and efficient way support companies to improve their information- and documentation management. This enables employees to get the correct information at the right time.


Within many maintenance departments plant configuration and information management is not a dedicated field of expertise and therefore gets little attention. Consequence of this problem is a loss of information and hence knowledge of the installations.

Knowledge degradation already occurs when information for a new project is transferred from the supplier to the owner, resulting in gaps in the plant information. Moreover, shortcomings will increase with the age of the installation due to the execution of modifications that are not registered.

 Based on our experience the plant information provided with new production devices are never complete and correct, deficiencies can be up to 40%.   Read More

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